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movintracks proximity campaigns

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From 15€/Month


Why Movintracks?


We will simplify it for you. Proximity marketing is EXPLODING. Don’t miss the boat.


We are your powerful, incredibly priced and easy-to-use solution for marketers and developers.


6 triggers to select your targeted users. 16 actions to deliver content flexibly. Easy access to in-depth analytics right from your dashboard. Movintracks is a complete solution.

Incredible Pricing: 15€/mo.

Incredible pricing without sacrificing any features. Movintracks full-featured basic is only 15€/month.


Easy to Use

You can create campaigns in a few clicks with a clean, simple interface. Unlike other beacon/NFC/proximity platforms, our software works with virtually any hardware.

In-depth analytics

See how long visitors stay at each point of interest, or the number of visitors that leave without passing through the payment point.

You are Not Alone

We have a phenomenal support hub and team. We also offer live tutorials, getting you launched with proximity best practices a quickstart guide to our software. We are with you every step of the way.


Get in touch

Get in touch anytime, and we will be more than happy to help.


Project MovinTracks is based on AI technology