Movintracks Overview

Movintracks is spearheaded from Barcelona by a small, young team willing to take a risks on new technologies. We were launched at the beggining of 2014 – very soon after iBeacons were introduced, so we are almost as the technology itself. We have a lean team of developers and marketers on this exciting adventure, brought to you from Barcelona – the mobile capital of the world. Our software features the proximity technologies that are transforming marketing and contextual advertising for good. We have the perfect team of design oriented marketers and developers.

According to founding partner Emilio Iorlari, ¨We had the opportunity to build something that takes advantage of the phenomenal technology available to marketers while keeping our dashboard hassle free and easy to use so marketers don´t need to ask their tech department for help every time they use it.¨

Meet the Team

We pride ourselves on being:

IoT Experts

Customer Support Oriented

Forward Thinking

Problem Solvers

Looking to learn more about us?

Get in touch anytime and we will be happy to share more about our story and any other questions you have.




Project MovinTracks is based on AI technology