1. What hardware do you work with and recommend?

We recommend hardware providers based on specific client needs and location. We have never had serious trouble working with any beacon manufacturer and we have tested out quite a few.

2. What analytics can we use?

You can analyze the the behavior of the user (i.e. which points they visit and when) and the device (i.e. the language of the operating system, the ID and the type of device).

All the raw data we use to compose the by default reports you see in our dashboard is accessible in JSON through our API. You can download it and build your own custom reports with custom KPIs.

3. Can we white-hat your product?

With the Movintracks white hat plan you have 5 dashboard users that you can resell at whatever price you prefer. If you would like more users and/or your own login page, we can work on a customized plan and scale with you. If you want the logo/colors of your company inside our platform, we can do that for free :).

4. What differentiates Movintracks and competitors?

  • We have a simple, easy to use platform that is flexible for developers.

  • We have 6 triggers and 16 actions.

  • We have been in the iBeacons business for almost as long as the technology has existed.

  • Finally, the best way to decide whether to buy a product is to experience it. For 15 euros, you can test us out for a month.

If you have two minutes, we recommend you check out our video tutorial to see Movintracks in action.


Still have questions?



Get in touch anytime with our support team at support@movintracks.io, and we will be more than happy to help.