Movintracks is about building relationships between brands you trust and you.

Here are three specific ways we take user privacy seriously.

Movintracks does not implement Apple IDFA nor Google Ad ID

Instead of Apple IDFA  or Google Ad ID, we use a custom ID that expires every time you delete a brand’s app. Brands can send you special offers and tailored communication only when you consent to it. When they don’t have your consent and/or when you uninstall the app, the brand can’t track you any more via Movintracks (they still can implement a persistent ad ID system independent from Movintracks, so make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully; however, in terms of the underlying tech, you are covered by Movintracks). Your Movintracks-related events, since they are linked to a Movintracks proprietary ID and not a market-standard ID, can’t be matched with other sources.


We don't track your MAC address

It is fairly easy to track MAC addresses, which are unique identifiers on every phone and are needed to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peripherals. Some marketing software uses MAC addresses as a way to continually identify your phone and you. They don’t even need you to install an app. But just because it is easy, it doesn’t mean marketers should. Movintracks is committed to protecting you and our software reflects this. If you would like to protect your phone against other software from doing this, here’s how to do so on iOS and Android:


Movintracks doesn't allow a brand to track you unless you approve


You have to explicitly grant location permissions and notification permissions on your phone. When it comes to Movintracks and consumer privacy, the power is in the hands of the user.

Project MovinTracks is based on AI technology