Exceptionally Complete, Flexible, and Versatile

Unlike other configurators that are manufacturer-specific, Movintracks provides you with numerous communication actions, all of which are compatible with any manufacturer. It delivers coupons, makes smartphones vibrate, launches competitions and surveys…and reaches all devices.

360° Experience

Movintracks integrates the entire process. From configuring a customizable coupon to eventually redeeming that coupon. Final customers will be able to access campaigns by downloading your app or by accessing the NFC tags distributed throughout the space.

Your Web Analytics, in the Space Itself

See the number of users in a visual, attractive way, as well as how long they stay at each point of interest, or the number of visits that leave without passing through the payment point. We are your on-site web analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About NFC and Beacons

What campaigns can I set up with Movintracks?

Imagine being able to warn shoppers with a message or vibration when they get close to a product you know they’re interested in, because they’ve marked it as a favorite on your app. Or being able to send them a satisfaction survey. Or sending them a discount or something else, depending on the spaces in your premises that they’ve visited. This can all be done from the Movintracks dashboard. And you don’t have to create the content separately: all the tools are available through Movintracks.

Is it just for creating campaigns?

No. When you put Beacons or NFC tags in your premises, any points that execute a campaign, as well as those that don’t, will all collect statistics – such as highest traffic areas, dwell time, percentage of success of your campaigns – which will help you make decisions. You’ll be able to see them at any time from the Movintracks dashboard.

Getting Started

Is Movintracks for configuring Beacon of NFC campaigns?

Both. Or either. Whatever you prefer! Movintracks is for marketers so that they can configure creative, effective campaigns that reach people’s cell phones. At present, the best way to do this, and also to attract an audience to a specific location, is using Bluetooth 4.0 (Beacons) and NFC. On the dashboard, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to work with one of these options or both. Moreover, Movintracks will be changing to adapt to the new technologies being demanded by the market.

Do campaigns need an app to work?

Yes, if they are going to be executed using Beacons; no, if they’re going to be executed with NFC. Movintracks ensures that campaigns always go to the right place, and that is not someone who does not wish to receive an interaction. Since NFC campaigns can only be executed if the phone is very close to a specific point (a few centimeters away), it is assumed that the user consents.


Which Beacons or NFC tags can I use with Movintracks?

The Movintracks dashboard works virtually with any Beacon: just check with the manufacturer whether the UUID, major and minor parameters can be changed, and if so, it is compatible. In any case, Movintracks can provide ready-to-use Beacons, and in terms of NFC tags, if they are ordered through Movintracks, they come preconfigured.

Which phones and tablets are compatible?

Movintracks works on several phones regardless of whether they are Apple or Android (4.3 or higher). The important thing is that they have the hardware required for interacting with Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC devices. iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3 or newer, Samsung Galaxy SII (I9100) or newer and Motorola RAZR are some of the devices that work well. See a full list of devices with Bluetooth 4.0 or with NFC for more details.

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