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All the tools you need to give your app real-world context.

What can I do with Movintracks?

You can integrate geofencing, beacons, NFC and/or QR codes to your app. You can build a new front-end, extend whatever you have, build new apps or add to the features we provide.


Reward customers who like your facebook page with a discount for products near them with beacons.


Send a message to your bands followers asking them to post a picture to twitter.


See how long visitors stay at each point of interest, or the number of visitors that leave without passing through the payment point.

But is it easy to use?

Yes! The sdk is given with a demo project that works out of the box. It is distributed as Android Studio Module AAR, available for Cocoapods and we even have it ready even for HTML5 apps with a cordova plugin.

See for yourself:

SDK docs

We provide a powerful set of tools.

Robust and secure:


Uses oAuth2 + https

Powerful analytics

Agile shipping of new versions

But do not want to get in the way of your vision.

Flexible and scalable:

6 triggers and 20 actions built in

API with more than 150 endpoints, including statistics and raw data

API with more than 34 resources to manage

Beacon agnostic

“We have been looking for a proximity CMS solution for a while as BLE Beacons provider in the UK. Of the systems we have tested, Movintracks met the most of our needs and expectations. We find it very intuitive and easy to use as well as incredibly powerful. Additionally, the Movintracks team is a very helpful and professional bunch of great people and we love working with them.”

Tom A. Kawka

Managing Director, Prixicon Ltd. UK

And remember you are not alone

We know there is a learning curve to any new technology.

Get in touch with our support team, and we will be more than happy to help.

You can also drop us a line to