Looking to build a new app?

Movintracks has your back.

Many marketers and developers are hoping to take advantage of the exciting possibilities of proximity marketing by adding a proximity platform to an existing app. Some are looking to launch a brand new app.

The Movintracks team has launched an end to end proximity marketing software solution just for them: a native Android SDK and a naive iOS SDK that you can easily integrate within your app.

If you prefer hybridization, we have designed a plugin for PhoneGap / Cordova to create iPhone and Android context-aware apps using just HTML and JS.

You can write your code once, and run it both on Android and iOS. The plugin comes with a ready to use demo app – with a full source code available. With any of our licenses, it comes with all of movintracks full-powered proximity marketing features.

Check our Phonegap plugin out on github. In order to use the plugin you need to first order a Movintracks license to access the native SDKs.

Just want to bundle movintracks with an existing app?

We provide all the support you need to use our SDK.

See the readthedocs to learn more.

You can also add our Phonegap plugin to your existing app.

Don't Be Shy

Get in touch anytime, and we will be more than happy to help.


Project MovinTracks is based on AI technology automaticinstagramlikes.org.