Movintracks is the first mobile campaign configurator that makes it possible to make decisions by using today’s disruptive technologies, NFC and iBeacons (Bluetooth 4.0 – BLE).


The project, spearheaded from Barcelona by a small, young team who were willing to take a risk on these technologies, was launched at the beginning of the year and has now reached cruising speed on a number of fronts: it was presented at the IESE Business School Investment Forum (7 finalists out of over 40 entrants), where the opening of the first round of investment in Movintracks was announced (€170,000); a partnership agreement was signed with AECOC, the association that brought bar codes to Spain and represents major distributors, and now the marketing phase is in full swing following the completion of the development of the first Beta. Last week, we celebrated concluding our first agreement for a major action in Madrid at the premises of an industry-leading retailer :)

We want to use this new blog to tell you about an exciting adventure, brought to you from the mobile capital and featuring the technologies that are transforming marketing and contextual advertising for good.

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