Movintracks Full-Powered Proximity Campaigns


A dashboard designed for marketers, built for developers.



From 15€/Month


What Can I do With Movintracks’ Software?


We have 6 triggers and 16 actions.

You can do virtually anything with beacons, NFC, geo-fence, QR codes or any other proximity marketing technology.


Reward customers who like your facebook page with a discount for products near them with beacons.


Send a message to your bands followers asking them to post a picture to twitter.


See how long visitors stay at each point of interest, or the number of visitors that leave without passing through the payment point.

Why Movintracks?

Our Platform is Designed for Marketers


Simple, easy to use dashboard

Flexibility with 6 triggers and 16 actions

Build campaigns in minutes


Visit our docs page to learn how to use the campaign dashboard.



And Built for Developers


A robust, well documented REST API

A flexible SDK for Android and iOS

A Phonegap plugin for Android and iOS. So easy!


Learn more on how movintracks is built for developers.


4 more very good reasons:


Incredible pricing: 15€/mo.

Incredible pricing without sacrificing any features. Movintracks basic is only 15€/mo.


Powerful, Full-Featured

6 triggers to select your targeted users. 16 actions to deliver content flexibly.

Easy to use

You can create campaigns in a few clicks with a clean, simple interface.

You are not alone

The Movintracks team is happy to assist you. Ask about our live tutorials.

Still not convinced?

Here´s what our customers are saying:

“I find their beacon specialty very interesting, as a way to generate leads, and tracking customers behaviors.

Malika Lardjane

Channel Cloud Sales Manager, Oracle

“In minutes you can build your in-store marketing campaign though a robust, efficient and effective platform.”

Nilly Brown

Product & Strategy Director,

“Because of the quality of their service and their excellent customer care, I would recommend Movintracks.”

Judith Gómez

Head of Mobile Strategy, iProspect

“Movintracks is the perfect solution for uniting the online and offline worlds. All tech products should be this good.”

Sergi Cardona

Mobile Manager, GS1 AECOC

Don't Be Shy

We know there is a learning curve to any new technology.

Get in touch with our support team, and we will be more than happy to help.

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Project MovinTracks is based on AI technology